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The Brome County Historical Society maintains an impressive collection of archival materials, including photographs, church records, pioneer papers, newspapers, family files, maps, books, and much more.

What to research?

  •  Indexed inventories of original pioneer papers (our pre-Confederation Papers)

  •  Microfilm reels of census records

  •  Microfilm reels of church records (both Protestant and Catholic)

  •  Alphabetical extracts for both Brome and Missisquoi counties

  •  Family group charts and family genealogy files

  •  Lists of cemetery inscriptions and more!

About the Archives

The LBM is part of the  Eastern Townships Archives Portal!


The Eastern Townships Archives Portal (ETAP) database brings together archival descriptions from historical societies and archives repositories from across the Eastern Townships of Quebec. Here, you will be able to dig into the rich history of the region by searching through records such as personal letters and diaries, business records, minute books from organizations, church registers, photographs, postcards, and maps.


You can access the ETAP by clicking here:

Please note, we are currently in the process of a long-term digitization project and thus, only a small portion of our archival records are available online. Contact us for more information on our vast collections. 

Logo for the Eastern Townships Archive, multiple jagged lines come together to form a mountain


Our archives centre offers the following services: 

  • Supports on-site research for our members, genealogists, students, and other researchers;

  • Supports distanced research for all individuals searching for specific pieces of history related to historic Brome County and its inhabitants (precise details necessary);

  • Supports all that which relates to the preservation and organization of all documents relating to an individual, family, or a non-profit organization;

  • Reproductions of documents, in digital or paper format, for research or publication purposes (see the price guide below).

Réseau de services

agréés de BAnQ

 Research Policy

Learn about the Archives Center's research policy and fee schedule as well as the LBM's citation and copyright policy!

Documentary Heritage Communities Program

Read about the Archives Center's past and current projects funded through the DHCP program!

Preservation Projects

Read about the Archives Center's past and ongoing preservation projects!

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