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This portrait depicts Asa Belknap Foster, a prominent Townships industrialist and politician. Born in the United States, Asa Belknap Foster eventually settled in the Waterloo area where he became a prominent railroad developer. Foster played a pivotal role in connecting the Eastern Townships to Montreal and New England by rail through his company: The South Eastern Counties Junction Railway. Foster was also part of John A. Macdonald’s Conservative party at the time of the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway.


Ce portrait dépeint Asa Belknap Foster, un entrepreneur et politicien accompli dans l’histoire des Cantons de l’Est. Né aux États-Unis, Foster s’installe dans la région de Waterloo et se consacre au développement du réseau ferroviaire. Les efforts de Foster et de sa compagnie, The South Eastern Counties Junction Railway, permettent de relier les Cantons-de-l’Est à Montréal et à la Nouvelle-Angleterre. Foster est aussi un membre du parti conservateur de John A. Macdonald lors de la construction du Chemin de fer Canadien Pacifique.

Portrait of A.B. Foster / Portrait de A.B. Foster

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